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WELCOME TO GALLERY MUVEIL Centering on the world of MUVEIL, we wish to deliver the source of heartfelt inspirations and profound stories that the designer Michiko Nakayama has devoted to creation ...With suvh widh, MUVEIL celebrating its 5th anniversary opened the first concept shop



The A/W 2015 collection is a collection inspired by “Vincent Fournier”, a photographer who is fascinated by the mysteries of space, science and technologies.

The dream shared by all humankind from the late 1960s to 70s was directed to space.

His works is kind of a reminder of the memory of nostalgia for future at the time.
This season is the one that blends the impressive memory and the contemporary everyday lifestyle.

The rough-hewn handmade knit, which also brings a nostalgic atmosphere, makes you foresee the future with its use of silver threads.
The foil printed knit showing its cool presence with the futuristic silver color as its key color and the denim made with high-tech materials take in the reality of the present while projecting the futuristic mood.

The skirt featuring its three dimensional form, the mesh skirt with metallic finish and the down coat with sequin embroidery, looking like being modeled on a spacesuit, blend the future and the present, making a new feminine collection taking in the clean image of future and the nostalgia, which is just like MUVEIL.








Under the theme of “people working in a spacecraft”, the collection of this season offers items added with a little retro atmosphere, a special line of “STAR WARS”, the new film of which coming out in December 2015, in the lead. A collection putting a futuristic atmosphere down into everyday clothing, which is just like MUVEIL WORK.

Presenting the 3 representative characters in the film with intarsia knit. The detail finely expressed stitch by stitch made it a knit which feels special.
The STAR WARS logo, which hasn’t changed since the old days, is used on T-SH and fleece lining. The finishing touch was applied with glitter threads and foil printing to match the cosmic image. The clutch bag and the tote bag work as twist or accent in styling. Items for adults who won’t lose their playful mind.

For this season, a little retro atmosphere is given by tricolor including the white and blackish navy that remind you outer space, added with a little deep red and Bordeaux. The color block turtle knits are of 2 types: the catchy one with playful color combination and the one that can be worn in a basic way. The turtlenecks are also available as cutsews which work as inners for layered styling and as items which can be worn alone, suggesting a style with collar showing from loose-fitting knit or outer item. All types of the matching bottoms have white color, recommending the white worn in winter.
The outer wears range from high quality collarless coats and long tailored jackets to blouson types of original glitter tweed in addition to casual types.
By mixing and matching the STAR WARS items, expressing the view of the world of looking with eyes, wearing and getting excited that one should cherish even in his adulthood.

「宇宙船で働く人々」をテーマにした今季のコレクションは、2015年12月に新作公開を控えている映画「STAR WARS」のスペシャルラインを筆頭に、少しレトロな雰囲気をプラスしたアイテムが揃う。フューチャリスティックな雰囲気をミュベールワークらしく日常着に落としこんだコレクション。


大人になっても大事にしたい、目で見て、そして着てワクワクするような世界感を、STAR WARSのアイテム達と合わせることで表現する。


SHOP INFORMATION GALLERY MUVEIL Chateau TOKYO Minami-Aoyama B1F Minami-Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo 107-0062 JAPAN OPEN 11:30-20:00 PHONE 03-6427-2162


Centering on the world of MUVEIL, we wish to deliver the source of heartfelt inspirations and profound stories that the designer Michiko Nakayama has devoted to creation… With such wish, MUVEIL celebrating its 5th anniversary opened the first concept shop “GALLERY MUVEIL” in Aoyama, TOKYO. A basement of the pleasant vintage apartment prevails a gallery-like space where is structured through keywords, such as MUVEIL,  MUVEIL WORK, WEDDING, VINTAGE, and BOOK. The gallery delivers originally selected and edited surprises by MUVEIL, such as clothes, accessories, books, arts and plants beyond brand boundaries. Its interior designer is Koichi Futatsumata of “CASE-REAL”, the design studio based in Fukuoka. Simple yet industrial image of the fixtures are fused with various materials. In the space where those fixtures and different individualities are intermingled, please enjoy exhibitions presented by MUVEIL.

MUVEILの世界観を軸にしながら、デザイナー中山路子のクリエイションに込めた奥深い物語や心に響くインスピレーションの源をお届けしたい…。そんな願いをこめて、ブランド創設5周年を迎えたMUVEIL初のコンセプトショップ「GALLERY MUVEIL」が、南青山に誕生しました。<br /> 趣のあるヴィンテージマンションの地下に広がるのは、MUVEIL・MUVEIL WORK・WEDDING・VINTAGE・BOOKなどをキーワードに構成されたギャラリーのような空間。ブランドの枠を越え、お洋服やアクセサリー、ブック、アート、グリーンなど、MUVEIL独自の編集・セレクトによるサプライズを発信していきます。<br /> 内装は、福岡を拠点に活動するデザイン・スタジオ「CASE-REAL」の二俣公一氏がデザイン。シンプル且つインダストリアルなイメージをベースに、異素材を融合した什器、異なる個性が交錯する空間で、MUVEILプレゼンツのエキシビションをお楽しみください。