GALLERY  MUVEIL休業のお知らせ(2月2日~5日)

平素よりGALLERY MUVEILをご愛顧頂き誠にありがとうございます。 GALLERY MUVEILは、展示会開催の為、下記の日程でショップをクローズさせて頂きます。【クローズ日時】 2015年2...



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WELCOME TO GALLERY MUVEIL Centering on the world of MUVEIL, we wish to deliver the source of heartfelt inspirations and profound stories that the designer Michiko Nakayama has devoted to creation ...With suvh widh, MUVEIL celebrating its 5th anniversary opened the first concept shop



Paying respect to the “strawberry” which projects images of all things girlie, such as cuteness, sweetness, childishness and kindness. We propose a style called “NOBLE SPORT” worn by adult women of independence using the strawberry as an icon.

In contrast to the sweetness image of the “strawberry”, using material of cotton and nylon with
its firmness in abundance this is a collection which is light and fresh, full of liveliness with
a sporting touch.

A cropped blouse with strawberry print giving the impression of watercolor, a bold strawberry applique coat done by hand and also a tweed jacket of strawberry color gives a glimpse of confidence, looseness and a sense of fun of an adult inside a rich and intellectual image of a woman.

少女の可愛らしさ、甘さ、幼さ、優しさ.....ガーリーな要素の全てをイメージさせる「イチゴ」をオマージュ。そのイチゴをアイコンに自立した大人の女性が纏う「NOBLE SPORT」スタイルを提案。





Having “U.S. NAVY” as a theme, this is a collection expressing the two aspects of a marine look which is “MODERN” and “RETRO”.

The U.S. NAVY with its image of robust men of the sea, we propose a style of a simple yet refined everyday marine look, the way MUVEIL WORK should be.

An item using naval stripes expressing naval rank is the key. A supple cotton duck blouse or one piece resembling work wear for men and a center press culottes with side line having an architecturally bold silhouette. We have created a natural, relaxed look all the while maintaining a dignified perspective.

The item using the eagle emblem, symbolic of the U.S. NAVY, rolls out a green and modern collection with authenticity while adding a touch of humor typical of MUVEIL WORK.

The denim expressing the daily life of MUVEIL WORK is a lineup which expands the variety of the item. The light ounce denim series, meticulous about its fabulous feel, uses highest grade material. The bottom was made with easy waist for comfort. Light and easy to take in, this is a must item for this season.

The T – SH series with heart patch pocket is created into a manly item. The garment dyed chino PT uses material woven slowly, taking plenty of time, with an old weaving machine giving it a unique texture.

We propose a chic and retro coordinate having at its main an image of a denim style sailor on an off day. We added red as an accent on a typical white and blue marine look giving a feeling of a somewhat nostalgic French marine together with the length of the skirt.

屈強な海の男たちのイメージU.S.NAVYがMUVEIL WORKらしく、シンプルかつ洗練された日常のマリンルックへと落とし込まれたスタイリングを提案。

定番のスキニーデニムは5色展開へ。ホワイトスキニーは今季の新色。履いた時、メンズライクなヒップ周りの表情、リボンのバックポケットはずっと変わらないMUVEIL WORKの定番アイコン。
U.S.NAVYのシンボリックなイーグルエンブレムを取り入れたアイテムは、MUVEIL WORKらしくユーモアをプラスした、オーセンティックながらクリーンでモダンなコレクションを展開する。




SHOP INFORMATION GALLERY MUVEIL Chateau TOKYO Minami-Aoyama B1F Minami-Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo 107-0062 JAPAN OPEN 11:30-20:00 PHONE 03-6427-2162


Centering on the world of MUVEIL, we wish to deliver the source of heartfelt inspirations and profound stories that the designer Michiko Nakayama has devoted to creation… With such wish, MUVEIL celebrating its 5th anniversary opened the first concept shop “GALLERY MUVEIL” in Aoyama, TOKYO. A basement of the pleasant vintage apartment prevails a gallery-like space where is structured through keywords, such as MUVEIL,  MUVEIL WORK, WEDDING, VINTAGE, and BOOK. The gallery delivers originally selected and edited surprises by MUVEIL, such as clothes, accessories, books, arts and plants beyond brand boundaries. Its interior designer is Koichi Futatsumata of “CASE-REAL”, the design studio based in Fukuoka. Simple yet industrial image of the fixtures are fused with various materials. In the space where those fixtures and different individualities are intermingled, please enjoy exhibitions presented by MUVEIL.

MUVEILの世界観を軸にしながら、デザイナー中山路子のクリエイションに込めた奥深い物語や心に響くインスピレーションの源をお届けしたい…。そんな願いをこめて、ブランド創設5周年を迎えたMUVEIL初のコンセプトショップ「GALLERY MUVEIL」が、南青山に誕生しました。<br /> 趣のあるヴィンテージマンションの地下に広がるのは、MUVEIL・MUVEIL WORK・WEDDING・VINTAGE・BOOKなどをキーワードに構成されたギャラリーのような空間。ブランドの枠を越え、お洋服やアクセサリー、ブック、アート、グリーンなど、MUVEIL独自の編集・セレクトによるサプライズを発信していきます。<br /> 内装は、福岡を拠点に活動するデザイン・スタジオ「CASE-REAL」の二俣公一氏がデザイン。シンプル且つインダストリアルなイメージをベースに、異素材を融合した什器、異なる個性が交錯する空間で、MUVEILプレゼンツのエキシビションをお楽しみください。